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Our Process

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JP Search has developed a proven search methodology and talent strategy based on our collective experience, through research capabilities and a valuable team approach.

Our clients benefit from working directly with us Michael and Xavier, the two Partners of JP Search, as we are committed to nurturing every relationship.

We work closely with innovative SME’s, professional services firms, and blue chip businesses across all industries, understanding their unique needs and formulating rigorous business insights.

Our talent search and placement process is based on our unique methodology and caters to permanent and temporary roles:

Collaborating on a clear and specific job brief.

We take every measure to understand what will make someone successful in the required position. We take a detailed brief to understand your company, team, culture and the position. We clarify your key criteria and the ‘must haves’ in order to find the perfect fit.

Strategic talent mapping.

We employ a rigorous candidate sourcing method, leveraging our broad talent networks, database and intimate market knowledge. This process is supported by a number of online search tools including; BusinessNewsIQ (WA companies’ database), LinkedIn Recruiter and Seek Talent Finder.

Networking locally and internationally.

From a foundation of 15+ years of relationship building and recruitment we engage our extensive network both locally and internationally to imbue our search with the latest market insights and talent intelligence.

Candidate screening.

We telephone screen a broad range of applicants to assess their suitability.  Successful applicants then undergo a comprehensive competency, technical and cultural fit interview ‘in person’ (or by video call if applicable) with JP Search.

Candidate profiles and shortlisting.

We submit a candidate shortlist to our client, with a personal profile of each candidate. This includes specific points about the candidate’s suitability for the role such as personality fit, technical capabilities, career aspirations, key achievements, why they are interested in the role, salary expectations, management style and more.

Supporting client interviews.

We facilitate the scheduling of interviews for our client. After each interview stage we conduct a debrief, providing feedback from both candidate and client.

Due diligence.

We employ extensive reference checks, confirming and validating our candidates previous experience, education and qualifications. Any client queries or concerns resulting from interview are interrogated and addressed.

Employment offer.

We assist our clients in the negotiation and agreement of employment terms and conditions with our client’s preferred candidate. We also liaise with their HR team or nominated company representative to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Post placement support.

We maintain regular contact with the successful applicant and our client to ensure that expectations have been met by all.