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Corporate Development & Funds Management

Corporate Development (Corp Dev) is the team responsible for strategic decisions to grow and restructure its business, establish strategic partnerships, and/or achieve organizational excellence. The purpose of BD & Corp Dev is to create opportunities for the company through actions such as M&A, divestments, and deals that leverage the value of the company’s business platform. JP Search has a significant track record placing analyst all the way up to manager with some of the most active BD teams in WA. Individuals interested in such roles generally have worked in investment banking or corporate finance. They have an excellent commercial acumen and strong financial modelling skills.

What we call Funds management here in Perth are the “investment” type roles or Buy-side opportunities. You will be joining either a Private Equity Fund or the Investment team of a Family Office Fund. These positions are quite rare in WA and generally the most sought after a successful start of your career in IB or a tier one strategy firms. Our clients seek candidates with an incredible “investment mindset”.